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Product Detail
HWFT-1250 Double-Sided Laminating Machine Iron
HWFT-1250 Double-Sided Laminating Machine Iron
Product Detail

Application area:


HWFT-1050B type double laminated iron production line, tension control system is the tension control system for many years rich experience in the industry to absorb high performance, cost-effective design of advanced technology at home and abroad of our company set;

The system is composed of a rolling unit, an introduction unit, a composite unit, an extraction unit and a winding unit.

And the corresponding control instrument. High grade hardware, perfect software configuration, to meet the conditions of the performance and reasonable price. The use of advanced "centralized control system", has a high degree of automation, complete functions, reliable performance, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

Significant characteristics of the system:

Four floating roller tension control system of motor linkage, unwinding and rewinding, and leads into the precision potentiometer, and swing detection, control high sensitivity tension with high precision;

The unique and advanced dynamic PID model, realize the system running, lifting speed and stop tension balance process;

Remote control and automatic speed control, tension and speed linkage control;

A series of PLC+ liquid crystal display Huichuan centralized control, setting up and monitoring the work parameters, the design of mechanical electrical integration, has perfect protection function;

Independent development of the control system, to provide timely quality, enjoy software upgrades and other services.

This machine is used for BOPP, PET, NY, CPP, CPE, aluminum foil, paper, metal and other roll film material two layer or multi-layer composite packaging materials, forming a kind of high strength and high preservation and boiling resistance and other excellent characteristics.

Technical Data:

Web Width
Mechanical Speed
Complex Velocity
First Unwinding Diameter
Second Unwinding Diameter
Rewinder Diameter
Retractable Reel
Gas expansion shaft
Cots Diameter
Net Roller Line Number
Glue Pressure
Cure Amount
Acetic Acid Ethyl Ester Etc
Tension Setting Range
Oven Length
7500m*2 Platform
Temperature Inside The Bbox
Drying Method
Electric Heating
Compound Pressure
Compound Temperature

Total Power

160kw (Electric Heating),Normal use of

approximately 85kw

Exterior Dimension

Total Weight Of Machine

Substrate and composite material:

Aluminum Foil



And other films of the same nature as the above materials.

Hydraulic discharge unit (same 2)

The machine frame is welded by steel plates

Four pieces of hydraulic expansion diameter range is 4420~ 508mm, the arm length 1100MM

Roll center height 1050mm,

Using magnetic particle brake tension 40KG

The frame is arranged at the bottom of the movable roller, adjustable range 200mm

Four cylinder hydraulic drill, motor 5.5KW

Welding unit (welder)

The installation location on the purchased welder welding system

The bottom of the welding machine is equipped with pulleys and other translation system

Feed S roll unit

The frame is composed of steel plate welding process, welding base adopts steel plate, auxiliary good

S and by three yuan 400*1050mm 2.

Double cylinder pressing, pressing roller for 160mm rubber roller, the roller is 150mm for iron roller

Motor power 5.5kw. (Huichuan inverter 5.5kW) 1.

Coating machine unit

The whole wall plate is welded and assembled with 30mm steel plate.

My skin is 320*1050mm1 supporting roller, pressure roller cylinder control

Scraper roller coating is 165*1050, dynamic 1.5KW gear motor with Huichuan inverter

Rubber roller is 160mm*1050mm

20 kg, magnetic powder brake control skin tension

Right cylinder adjusting steel roller, manual adjustment rollers positive glue, and the left cylinder adjusting device on the reverse side glue.

Tin oven unit

The use of gas cap type oven, convenient wear material, using the channel support

Oven length of 6 meters, the steel roll plating plating on the outside of the 2, non stick roll of 2

Oven heating method: stainless steel pipe with electric heating, oven temperature of 100 DEG C, thermostat temperature control (can also be used in steam heating mode).

Rectifying unit

With eight type dryer outlet rectifying device adopts hydraulic rectification

Is 160*1050mm 2 support rollers

Film roll unit (same two)

Technical Data:

The film is put into a single position discharge rack, 5 kg magnetic particle brake control


Inflatable shaft supporting shaft length
Rewinder Diameter
Tension Control Range
Tension Control Precision
Volume Of Roll

Coating unit (same two)

Technical Data:

Coating Roll Length
Cots Diameter
Coating Roller
120mm NBR shore (A)70°
Glue Pressure
Driving Mmotor

2.2kw All digital AC frequency conversion control


Functional characteristics:

Coating roller is a quantitative way, for the overall structure of the roller coating.

Applying pneumatic pressure roller, adjustable pressure roller coating for shaft type, quick change, two anti falling cylinder, automatic locking clutch.

Scraper device for three position adjustment structure.

The hopper is open and self adjustment.

The coating roller is driven by a single motor, and the tension control precision is high.

The feed adjusting roller is a bilateral adjusting method

The overall design of rigid coating, rollers, a quick replacement function

Oven unit (same two)

Technical Data:

Maximum Box Temperature
Inside Material Length
7500mm (with pre oven)
Wind Speed
Electric Heating
15 individual
Temperature Control Precision
Maximum Air Supply
Fan Power

Functional characteristics

Two return to save energy

Side open oven 1, gas top oven 1, installation of decorative plate and material handling platform

A number of return road, in the entire with cyclone layout, and is full of volatile solvents.

The entire oven negative pressure design, hot air does not blow out the oven

Subsection temperature zone, automatic constant temperature control

High wind speed can create a low temperature drying

Pre exhaust air will be volatile solvent emissions, exhaust gas does not participate in the two cycle, to ensure safety

With eight dryer outlet rectifying device

Composite unit

Technical Data:

Composite Roll
150mm 2 individual
Preheat Roll
270mm 2 individual
The Pressing Rollers
160mmthree Yuan Shao Er (A)70°-75°
Back Pressure Roller
160mm Plated Steel Roller
Maximum Temperature Of Composite Roll
Driving Motor
7.5kw All digital Huichuan inverter control system
Compound Pressure
Tension Setting Range

Functional characteristics

Single drive and closed loop tension control to ensure that the composite film with constant tension, finished products

The tension of the drying duct is the swing arm tension test, and the full closed loop tension control system

The surface temperature of precision hot roller is ensured by the external oil heating system

The pressure and pressure of the pneumatic clutch mechanism can be adjusted

Individual drive can be set to a smaller tension, avoid the large tension in the case of the inner membrane elongated

Temperature control for non-contact or precision temperature control system

Film winding unit (same two)

Technical Data:

Inflatable Shaft Support Roll Length
Rewinder Diameter
Tension Control Range
Single Coil Magnetic Powder Clutch
Volume Of Roll

Discharge roller unit

By the square tube, rubber roller, cylinder fixed bracket arm tension control system

Iron skin correction system

Character type rectifying frame

Hydraulic pneumatic correction system 1 sets.

S roll unit

The frame is composed of steel plate welding process, welding base adopts steel plate, auxiliary good

S and by three yuan 400*1050mm 2.

Double cylinder pressing, pressing roller for 160mm rubber roller, the roller is 150mm for iron roller

20 kg magnetic powder brake, 1

Hydraulic coil winding machine

The base is composed of steel plate welding and processing

Hydraulic expansion diameter range is 380- 420mm, the arm length 1100MM.

Roll center height 1050mm

The winding motor 11kw, 11kw high performance inverter Huichuan vector.

Reducer center distance 750mm, speed ratio 31.5


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