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Double sided laminated iron machine high-speed production line

With the development of technology and fashion, changing consumer attitudes, in plastic packaging materials, metal, paper and glass between the increasingly fierce competition. The enclosed metal packaging material, hard, good elasticity, good light resistance, good gas barrier characteristics, played an important role in the field of packaging, especially meat, vegetables and other products, is still the preferred metal container. As an important part of tin plate, metal packaging materials of food, beverage, and aerosol cans chemical tank plays an important role [1]. However, because the tin as a strategic resource, the price is expensive, and increasing depletion of resources, therefore, chrome iron, iron coated powder and electrophoresis products such as [2,3] as tin plate and low tin substitute products, the growing concern for people.

Production process and product characteristics 2, double sided laminated iron machine

The production process of 2.1 double sided laminated iron machine

In the iron coated cold rolled steel sheet (usually roll steel) / chrome iron covering two sides (bonding) polyester composite film on multilayer (thickness of about 20 ~ 25 m), as a kind of functional material with metal plastic film and sheet metal characteristic. Film theory can be directly used in iron cold-rolled steel sheet, blank sheet. Color film laminating technology for China blank unique technology, however, when the package Tiekong welding tank can be easily corroded, and the adhesion is not strong; in Europe and Japan, the coating technology is used as the substrate of Fe Cr Fe TFS, this should not be empty iron. Composite fastness organic film is high, this is mainly because there is a layer of chromium oxide film hydration products TFS surface, and the organic film to form hydrogen bond together, as shown in figure 1. Figure 2 is a direct cover connected to the ECCS plating [4] part of the operating line.

At present, there are two kinds of coating process: first, under the high temperature and high pressure extrusion process. Using high temperature coating and quench recrystallization technology, the organic film of high fastness (Europe and the United States and Japan by this process); two is the bonding process method, low-temperature bonding method, the bonding fastness of less high temperature and high pressure.

2.2 plastic characteristics

Iron coating compared (i.e. coating tinplate printing (chrome iron), iron coated) has the following characteristics [4-6]:

(1) have good anti rust, decoration, insulation, shockproof and other functions, especially the resistance to stamping, anticorrosive coating of iron is incomparable. Because the iron coated cover (bonding) on film polyester composite multilayer thin film, its ability to penetrate the barrier of corrosive medium "repression". For tomato sauce cans, two cans of packaging, the ideal material for iron. And the contradiction between the corrosion resistance and adhesion.

(2) small pinhole surface, dense, and various processing can be done in the film, such as identity cards, laser treatment (compared to coating). The two cold rolled coated iron (also known as the "foreign MANET board" (Malei)), it has excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength. Table 1 shows a comparison of two properties of cold rolled coated iron and two common grade of tinplate.


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