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Considerations for the use of high speed dry laminating machines

Jiangyin Xin Hong Wu automation equipment Co., Ltd.has special opinions on the matters needing attention in the high-speed dry compound machine using HWY-1350M

Solvent free high-speed dry compound machine HWY-1350M often has a configuration change fast sleeve system convenient, for very large time regardless of small orders, still, the large orders can alleviate a lot.

Send fax inion base criterion as follows: ensure that the fax indicator lights up. Variable torque controller and taper tension control is a control brake or clutch or torque of the advanced instrument, its primary function is characterized by the use of pulse width modulation system to control the output voltage, to reduce the reactive power loss and driving electric thermal drift effect, enhanced the life of the instrument.

In the long run, this new type of bio based plastics can be used not only in the high-speed dry compound machine inside components, but also be a high demand for production parts of flame retardant to replace the traditional petroleum based plastics. At present, the real estate and construction industries such as heating, the model has also been widely used, the market prospect is broad. Install copy paper to set copy function) press "start" button to start copying 20. In this system, PLC is responsible for all the actions of restraint, collect a certain frequency inverter, on-off control, interlock with a variety of actions, such as..10 Nianye tips to quickly solve the jam fault 10 tips copier quickly solve the Xerox machine fault [2]10 Nianye trick to quickly solve the copier fault [3] fault city people believe the cardboard cardboard used this copier every touch it should be said, in the process of copying paper by accident is inevitable, but if it is frequent jam, mechanical failure of fame, the need for maintenance.

From next year the office listed multifunctional high-speed dry compound machine of new type head, Canon will gradually adopt the new material, estimated in the initial stage, the annual 100 tons of usage for mercy. The size of the adhesive drying speed is particularly important, services need to ensure that the wind speed 6m / s, using anemometer. It is applicable to various substrates such as polyester film, polyethylene film, polypropylene film, various types of paper, metal foil and various composite films, etc.. Paper off against the cold.


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